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Transcription is the art of converting speech contents like audio and audio-visual, etc, into texts or words. Spoken words in form of speeches, lectures, sermons, etc. can be written down in readable text forms, which can be stored same way as the audio and audio-visual.

Because people generally talk faster than you can write or type, many people struggle when faced with a transcribing task. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

To gain proficiency in the art of transcribing, follow these simple tips;

  1. Be assured of your competence:

When writing, or when typing, you use the keyboard. So, be sure of your ability to type as quickly as possible. You also need to learn to gain some mastery in typing and have a technique that increases both speed and accuracy.

At times, transcription come as an impromptu job, so it requires an all-time preparedness.

  1. Ensure you have the right working tools and sitting posture:

Ensure you have a desktop keyboard tilted towards your direction for  convenient typing. A comfortable seat is a necessity, allowing for the right placement of hands and forearms. Place your feet flat on the ground so you bend your knees comfortably. A footrest can also provide a soft padding for your feet while you work along. Use a headphone with a long cord so as not to restrict the movement of your head when you turn it sideways. Take rest at regular intervals to stretch yourself and ease off pains from your ears, legs and perhaps your eyes.

  1. Get required software handy:

It may amaze some of us to know that there are free tools online that make the task of transcribing slightly less tedious. A voice control software, for instance, helps you control the tape with the help of applicable keys or pedals as the case may be, slowing down the pace of the recording so that you can hear better and type at the same speed as the recording. The gives you the advantage of a quicker or faster pace of work.


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