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October 18, 2023by readywriters

There are lots of posts on the Internet providing tips for writers, and they are all very informative and very helpful. In this post, however, we are going to focus on things you should absolutely never do as a writer.

10 Things a Good Writer Must Avoid Doing

  1. Follow a strict rule:

In writing, there are rules and guidelines to follow. However, what a writer should never do is follow a strict rule on how writing should be done. As a writer, you should be free to break the norm, find your path and do what works best for you.

  1. Write like someone else:

Yes, it is good to have a mentor or a writing idol. But what you should not do is to write like someone else, because in that case, you would never be the best, you would be the second-best. So, be free to find your own voice and style and write like yourself.

  1. Give up:

Although writing is tasking, it can also be very rewarding. So when writing becomes tough, take a break, re-strategize but never give up. Just keep writing until you become the very best.

  1. Hate a critic:

When you write a piece, a lot of people offer feedback even when you didn’t ask for it. Some of this feedback might be unpleasant but what you should never do as a writer is to hate the person who gave the feedback; rather, analyze the feedback and work on being better.

  1. Get Envious:

When you are a writer and you see someone else’ work being celebrated more than yours, sometimes you may feel envious, but you should never embrace that feeling. Instead, celebrate the writer, ask him or her for advice and work hard for your own success too.

  1. Wait for the perfect idea:

Sometimes, you can run out of ideas, but rather than waiting for the perfect idea to hit you like a wave, go out and search for inspiration. Talk to a friend, go on a date, observe nature and find your muse.

  1. Lamenting over a mistake:

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, you will make one too in your writing. So, when someone points out a mistake in your writing, rather than lamenting over it, correct it and move on from it.

  1. Steal another writer’s work:

Sometimes, you may need to develop a piece and you find out that someone else has written something similar, so you pass it on as yours. Such an act is unethical and immoral; so, rather than stealing another person’s work, read and learn from it and write your own piece.

  1. Be in a hurry:

Sometimes, you may need to churn out a piece of writing very fast; as a result, you tend to write in a haste. While it is good to write fast, never be in such a hurry that you forget to review your work before publishing. This is in order to avoid a lot of mistakes that will question your credibility as a writer.

  1. Be afraid:

Sometimes, the fear of what people might think of your writing may stop you from writing, but you never can tell. People might actually love your writings once you share them with the world. So, rather than letting fear stop you from writing or publishing your work, be brave and get on with it.


Finally, as a writer, be original, ethical and consistent, and you will find yourself soaring high.


Good luck!


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