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June 3, 2020by readywriters

In conversation, it’s easy in the midst of spontaneous speech to succumb to verbosity and duplication. In writing, redundancy is less forgivable but fortunately easy to rectify. Watch out for these usual suspects:


  1. Same identical: Same and identical are just that (and that). Omit same as a qualifier for identical.


  1. Since the time when: Since indicates a time in the past; “the time when” is superfluous.


  1. Spell out in detail: To spell out is to provide details, so “in detail” is repetitive.


  1. Still remains: Something that remains is still in place. Still is redundant.


  1. Suddenly exploded: An explosion is an immediate event. It cannot be any more sudden than it is.


  1. Therapeutic treatment: Treatment in the sense of medical care is by nature therapeutic, so the adjective is redundant.


  1. Unexpected surprise: No surprise is expected, so the modifier is extraneous.


  1. Unintended mistake: A mistake is an inadvertently erroneous action. The lack of intention is implicit.


  1. Usual custom: A custom is something routinely and repeatedly done or observed, and usual is redundant.


  1. Written down: Something written has been taken down. Down is superfluous.


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