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April 4, 2017by readywriters

Ready for some school idioms? Let’s get to it and make this schoolhouse rock! Here is a list of ten popular education idioms and examples of how to use them:


  1. A for effort! – recognizing that someone tried hard to accomplish something, although they might not have been successful.


Example: “The cake didn’t turn out like she had planned, but I give her an A for effort!”


  1. Copycat- someone who copies the work (or mimics the actions) of others


Example: “Janie is a copycat- she was looking at my answers while we were taking the test!”


  1. Learn (something) by heart- to memorize something completely


Example: “I have played that song so many times that I have learned it by heart and don’t even have to look at the music.”


  1. Pass with flying colors- to pass (a test) easily and with a high score


Example: “Todd must have studied a long time because he passed the test with flying colors.”


  1. Play hooky- to skip school


Example: “My friends are playing hooky today so they can be first in line for concert tickets this afternoon.”


  1. Drop out of school- to stop attending school


Example: “Maurice had to drop out of school when his mother became ill so that he could help take care of her.”


  1. Put your thinking cap on- to think in a serious manner


Example: “We’re all going to have to put our thinking caps on to tackle this big problem.”


  1. Show of hands- raising hands to vote about something


Example: “By a show of hands, how many of you would prefer to have the test on Friday?”


  1. Teacher’s pet- the teacher’s favorite student


Example: “Jonathan is the teacher’s pet- she always calls on him first.”


  1. Bookworm- someone who reads a lot


Example: “She is such a bookworm! She seems to have a new book every day!”


There are plenty more school-related idioms; are there any that you can think of? Share with us!


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