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December 2, 2020by readywriters

Are you worried about writing articles? Not Sure where to begin? Have a tight deadline to meet? Then this blog on 10 great writing tips for producing articles is just for you – and it contains a bonus!


  1. It Shouldn’t Be a Chore

Writing articles and blogs can sometimes feel like a chore but don’t despair; we all feel that way at times. However, if you find you always seem to dread the journey to the keyboard, then ask yourself whether writing is right for you. If you lack enthusiasm for writing, readers will pick up on this.


  1. Get Started

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick a subject or theme, or to get started once you have a topic . Relax! The main thing is that you get started. Pick a subject you know something about and just start. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how easily ideas flow. Don’t assume everyone knows what you know. They don’t. One tip I was given years ago: if you are finding it difficult to get started, then stop thinking about “what must I write” and focus instead on “what does the reader want to read?”


  1. Quality

Your old English teacher is not looking over your shoulder.  Perfection is not the goal and is, in fact, seldom possible. Keep your writing short and simple and your readers will thank you for it. Perfect but long and boring will not be read.


  1. Length

If you are writing commissioned work, stick to the publisher’s requirements. Most publishers want between four and six hundred words.  Blogs can be much smaller and should include appropriate pictures and embedded links.

Just don’t over do it. Remember, it’s the “World” wide web. Many readers in developing countries are still using dialup modems.


  1. Format


Microsoft Office often adds weird, hidden code to what has been written. If at all possible, use Notepad to produce your final copy.


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